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Hanging Bale Feeders Available Now

This new product is a game changer for all round bale feeding operations. Save hay, time, and money with this Hanging Bale Feeder. With the bale being suspended from 3/16″ chain minimal waste is experienced as air is allowed to flow through the feeder and your horses can access the entire bale. These feeders feature a Hay Chix slow feeding hay net to provide long term health benefits for your horses.

These bale feeders are 84″ long, 72″ high, 84″ wide and weigh 700 pounds.

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Mineral Feeders Now Available

These mineral feeders are designed to withstand wear and tear, constructed of high quality materials for maximum longevity in the field. These mineral feeders are available as a hanging feeder or free standing on a wide swivel base. This feeder protects valuable mineral from the elements. These feeders have a 100 pound capacity.

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Lawn Edging-Now Available

Metal lawn edging is built to last, easy to install, helps block weed and grass roots.

The clean, crisp, lines of the steel make this edging an attractive landscaping option too. The individual edging strips have sharp teeth that slice easily into the ground when just lightly hammered into the existing grass or soil. And because this edging penetrates into the ground, it provides a much better barrier to weeds and unwanted grass invading your beds and may even help prevent invasion by bugs and rodents. No matter what shape, design, or style landscape you choose, this edging can be the perfect complement to that aesthetic, while also making getting and maintaining clean lines – and weed-free beds – a breeze!

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Flower Plant Hangers

These flower plant hangers can be personalized with what you want for wording or the basic WELCOME stand . These stands are powder coated, not spray painted, so the color will last!! They can be placed indoors or outdoors and make the perfect gift for that special gardener in your life. From the ground to bottom of the wording they measure 32″ high.

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Drive Over Gates-Now Available!!

Tired of climbing in and out of your vehicle to open gates? We have the solution for you! Now offering the Drive Over Gate, which offers easy access to your fenced in areas. Easy installation, durable, built to last. Accessible from either side of the gate. The best part, it keeps livestock in where they’re supposed to be!
These gates are 14′ usable.

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New Product Alert: Coin hole!

Coin hole is played just like bag toss (or corn hole) only inside with quarters. Great for tailgating or house parties.   Played and scored similar to corn hole. Each pair of coin hole boards comes with instruction sheet on how to play. Made from aluminum, they will never rust and last a lifetime! Kit comes with 2 boards and instructions.

Find them in our store

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Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes

Come take a look at our hydraulic squeeze chutes. Every model comes standard with a Honda 4 cycle engine to power the hydraulics and a wheel kit to make travel easy. These chutes were made to work by people that work cattle. The quality is obvious and the features are plenty from reversible doors to right or left side adjustable controls. Come take a look today!