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Hanging Bale Feeders Available Now

This new product is a game changer for all round bale feeding operations. Save hay, time, and money with this Hanging Bale Feeder. With the bale being suspended from 3/16″ chain minimal waste is experienced as air is allowed to flow through the feeder and your horses can access the entire bale. These feeders feature a Hay Chix slow feeding hay net to provide long term health benefits for your horses.

These bale feeders are 84″ long, 72″ high, 84″ wide and weigh 700 pounds.

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We Now Carry Portable Loading Chutes

These loading chutes make loading cattle onto trailer an easy task. These 12’ loading chutes feature adjustable height allowing it to connect seamlessly with a semi truck or cattle trailer of any height. Fully sheeted sides reduce stress and the likelihood of livestock injury, while the vision slot allows handlers to assist in the loading process, while using the catwalk. The ribbed floor plate provides exceptional traction, giving cattle confidence as they transition from chute to trailer.

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Mineral Feeders Now Available

These mineral feeders are designed to withstand wear and tear, constructed of high quality materials for maximum longevity in the field. These mineral feeders are available as a hanging feeder or free standing on a wide swivel base. This feeder protects valuable mineral from the elements. These feeders have a 100 pound capacity.