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Pride of Dakota!

RB Mfg. and Sales is now an official member of Pride of Dakota!

Pride of Dakota was created in 1985 by former Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Jones who asked a small group of North Dakota businesses and the Department of Agriculture’s marketing staff to develop an identifiable state brand that would designate products as “made in North Dakota.”

Today, Pride of Dakota is administered by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture under the direction of Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring.

Pride of Dakota’s goal is to provide local business owners the business development resources and marketing opportunities they need to be successful.

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Parts Carousels

Want to know the best way to organize your shop, garage, or workspace? A Parts Carousel!!

Available with any number of rotating trays, these can be placed on the floor or on your workbench. You can even use outside as a garden planter or herb garden!

Each tray is 12 inches by 12 inches on top with a 6 inch square bottom. They are approximately 5 inches deep. Customize the perfect parts carousel to fit your space! You can always add trays later and switch different parts trays on your bench-top base for the project at hand.

These are available for pickup at our Mandan shop.

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Say HELLO to your new best friend…the Dakota Caddy!!

These Dakota Caddies come in a variety of colors! They have two cup holders to hold your beverage while you play against family or friends in a game of corn hole, ladder ball, horseshoes, volleyball, washer toss, etc. Oh and let’s not forget these caddies also feature 21 small holes and includes two golf tee’s to keep track of your score. Also on these caddies are hooks to hold your keys, or purse. These are able to come apart for easy travel and storage with the simple pull of a pin. Made from steel and ceramic powder coated, it’s made to go wherever you do! Dakota Caddy colors include: red, blue, purple, green, orange, and black.

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“Buzz Off” Oilers Now Available

Introducing- Buzz Off livestock oilers. These oilers help to keep pests away and help against certain diseases like pink eye. These oilers come in 3 different sizes(28″, 4ft, and 6ft). The 28″ oiler holds up to 5 gallons of oil, the 4 ft oiler holds up to 8.5 gallons, and the 6 ft oiler holds up to 14.5 gallons of oil. Our 4 ft oiler stands are 6 ft wide, 8 ft long, 7 ft high. You can adjust the oiler height from 4 ft to 6 ft. The 4 ft stand and empty oiler together weight 470 pounds. We can build bigger stands for all sizes of oilers.

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We Carry Portable Free Standing Panels

Our portable free standing panels make it easier to set up a corral for working livestock. These panels have chains to hook up to multiple panels at one time. They offer flexibility of setting a permanent fence, with out having to set any posts. Easily able to move from one location to another.

These panels are 24′ long, 71″ total height. Each leg is 60″ long. Top bar spacing is 10″, middle bar spacing is 9″ and bottom bar spacing is 8″. These panels come with 2ft chain links to connect to another panel. The frame on these panels are made of 2 7/8″ well-pipe and the horizontal rod size is 1″